If you look at the laser, it looks like a bar scanner or a laser level. I will only use an Erchonia laser. I believe it is the best one on the market. It is in my opinion, the only low level laser you can buy. They own 16 of the 18 FDA clearances.

It works like this…If you take a plant and put it in the sunlight it can convert the sunlight to energy from a process called photosynthesis. As humans, we can’t make food from light, but we can make other things from sunlight. For example, you may know that we can convert or make Vitamin D from sunlight, which can affect bone health, inflammation and your immune system.

Because the cold laser has different wavelengths and frequencies than sunlight, it can make different molecules. It makes ATP, which can increase muscle energy, Glutathione, which is a very powerful antioxidant that can decrease inflammation, Nitric Oxide, which will improve blood flow and it can also modulate or regulate your immune system by affecting other molecules.

From my experience with lasers and from published studies, we usually see recovery rates between 25 to 50% faster when we use the laser as opposed to when we don’t use them. You probably won’t feel anything as I put the laser on you, although some people feel a little warmth or a tingle.

Lasers work on two basic principles; they INCREASE CELLULAR REGENERATION and INCREASE CELLULAR COMMUNICATION. Your cells need energy to heal. Research has proven that use of the laser increases the energy that is needed by every cell in the body to perform every function, to maintain health and well-being or to regenerate and heal themselves after injuries.

Your cells also need to communicate to each other properly. Sometimes when cells are injured severely, they lose this ability to communicate and the laser helps to restore this vital communication.

What I am looking for with today’s treatment is somewhere between a 15-40% improvement in your pain or muscle strength and range of motion. Everybody is different and my goal is to get you better as soon as possible but this may take multiple treatments. For this reason, you will be placed on a specific series of treatments to meet your individual needs and to assist the healing process.  We will have a better idea how many when we see how well you help your improvement between now and your next visit. Our number one goal is stabilization of the injured area. Once that happens there are still other treatments that will be performed (adjustments, rehab, soft tissue work, therapeutic doses of laser, or combinations) that will assist in your full recovery.

There are some things that can affect how fast you get better and how many treatments you will need in addition to how severe your injury is. If you eat an inflammatory diet (one with lots of grains and sugar), this will slow down the healing process and may require more treatment. If you have diabetes or hypothyroid or other autoimmune conditions that may make healing take longer. If you are low in Vitamin D or Omega 3’s that can also affect your healing time.

So if you have a lousy diet, and a lot of kids do (Cheetos, fast food, Monster drinks, etc.) this can make for longer recovery and lower performance in sports. So along with the therapy, it is wise to make dietary changes so that you get better quicker and your performance levels go up.

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