Wolff Chiropractic and Laser Therapy

Our Services

Chiropractic Care

I have been practicing over 35 years and continue to learn. I do traditional Chiropractic as well as muscle testing, NET, taping and different forms of PT. I also do nutritional counseling and now I do both custom and over the counter orthotics.

Laser Therapy

Did you know that we rent lasers for home use? We do and you can rent one. We use Erchonia low level lasers in the office. With these lasers we are able to treat therapeutic problems, including pain, inflammation and many other conditions.

Massage Therapy

Our 6 massage therapists are experienced in several different types of bodywork. Whether you are recovering from an injury, have some athletic strain or just need some relief from everyday tension, we have therapists available 7 days a week to meet your needs.

Latest news about the office

If you have been thinking about getting custom orthotics, I can now accommodate that. I have a new Kiosk from Foot Levelers that allows me to see how badly you pronate and then be able to have their lab create your custom orthotics. The testing is free, and the cost of the custom inserts is considerably less than from your podiatrist or the Good Feet store. Give the office and call and set up your appointment to get tested. It only takes about 5 minutes. There are many different styles to choose from including basic, athletic, golf specific, 3/4 length for flats or pumps and more.

Dirty Dozen Foods

If you are not familiar, use the link below to find out the foods that are highest in pesticides and should only be eaten organic. Remember, even if your fruits and vegetables are organic, they need to be washed. The Dirty Dozen: 12 Foods That Are High in Pesticides (healthline.com)


Our Staff

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