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Welcome To Wolff Chiropractic and Laser Therapy

Big News!!!

I now have the Erchonia EVRL laser. It has both violet and red light. What does that mean to you? Well, by using the 2 lights together, it can reduce the time needed to treat you. It also means with Erchonia’s handheld red and violet laser treatment device, you get more than just a typical cold laser. The violet and red lasers produce different wavelengths to stimulate different types of healing and provide for greater treatment versatility

I am now using the lasers that I have a lot more as I learn more about them and how they can help to treat all kinds of problems. With them, I treat arthritis symptoms, muscle issues, pain, as well as being able to help to enhance sports performance, bone healing from a break, headaches as well as a variety of other questions.


We also have a Zerona Laser, which is the laser that is used in body contouring. The results we have been getting so far have been great with most people losing around 4 inches off their abdomen and hips.


Thanks for coming to my website. Let’s work together to help you be your best, no matter your current health concerns may be, no matter your age.

Even if you are not in the best of health, there are things I can help you with. Whether you need Chiropractic care, nutritional guidance, help with body contouring, pain relief or just keeping you in good health with maintenance care, I am here to help you.