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Thank you for coming to my website. I hope that you will find the information included to be useful. I have a number of articles on the site for you to look at, mostly about chiropractic, but the majority of articles are on my Facebook page. You can like me at Kenneth M. Wolff, DC.

Health care is something that you have to work at to maintain and prevention is a big part of that process. Through Chiropractic, nutrition, physical therapy , when needed, massage therapy and laser therapy are all things that can be used to get you and keep you healthy. Information is the biggest thing that can help you to get better and to stay better. I hope to be able to give you all the information that you may need to get you and your family on the road to better health.

On my Facebook page you will also get notices about when I may be out of town or if I am changing my office hours or even adding Saturday hours.

You will find articles about all aspects of health from nutrition, food, diet and even articles about animal health. I even have some controversial topics in articles as I believe that you should be well informed about all aspects of taking care of you and your family. And of course, your family includes your pets.